Announcement on the Delisting of the Token

Announcement on the Delisting of the Token

Dear YFX.COM users,

In order to provide users with a high-quality trading experience, YFX.COM will suspend trading of HECO: BTC/USDT (HPT-settled) trading pair at 12:00 (UTC) on November 12, 2021.

The delisting process is as follows:
Trading suspension: 12:00(UTC) on November 12, 2021

Please close the current position of BTC/USDT (HPT-settled) transaction in advance and redeem the liquidity pool. YFX.COM has no authority to dispose of any user assets. For your benefit, please be sure to withdraw the HPT assets of YFX.COM on the HECO chain to the wallet address in time to avoid unnecessary trouble.

About YFX

YFX.COM is a cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract platform based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Ecological Chain, TRON, OKEx public chain, and Polkadot. YFX provides up to 100 times the perpetual contract trading BTC, ETH and other assets. Different from the common automatic market maker model (AMM), YFX.COM adopts the QIC-AMM market maker pool trading method to provide users with high liquidity and low trading slippage. YFX.COM has successfully supported layer2’s perpetual contract trading function. YFX.COM’s goal is to build a DEX that can compete with CEXs on the derivatives trading track.

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