Announcement on YFX.COM Governance Token Distribution Adjustment

Announcement on YFX.COM Governance Token Distribution Adjustment

Up to now, the YFX.COM platform has successfully launched Genesis Mining, with 42820 participants.The cumulative transaction volume has exceeded 4.68 billion U.S. dollars, TVL has exceeded 30 million U.S. dollars and a total of nearly 6 million tokens have been rewarded to platform users which is about 6% of the total circulation.

At the same time, YFX.COM has completed strategic financing on April 12, 2021 from institutions such as NGC Ventures, SNZ Capital, DFG Group, Bixin Capital, Youbi Capital, Spark Digital Capital, Winkrypo, etc.

The entry of institutions is the capital market's recognition of the potential of YFX.COM, and it will also give YFX.COM better branding influence. These investment institutions will become an important part of the YFX.COM ecosystem and play an important role in the future key nodes development of the project, in order to achieve the vision of HP Finance to better serve global users.
In this process, we realized that a wider distribution of tokens in the market and more active strategic investors can be beneficial to promote the growth of our platform. Combining investors' desire for asset liquidity and the current market situation, we decided to adjust the distribution of tokens on the governance platform.

Adjust the distribution as follows:
1. The proportion of community users will be adjusted from 60% to 50%: Distribution will be through airdrops, mining, risk compensation, security rewards, community rewards, etc. The estimated distribution cycle is 3 years. Among them, 50% is distributed in the first year, 25% in the second year, and 25% in the third year.
2. 15% for strategic investors: for the benefit of early ecological investors and IDO's market pricing. Strategic investors will unlock 30% initially, and the remaining part will be unlocked linearly in one year.
3. 25% for the founding team + early equity investors remain unchanged: the team and equity investors initially release 20%, the remaining equity investors will unlock linearly within 1 year, and the founding team will unlock linearly within 2 years.
4. 10% for the newly added foundation reserve: used to support the construction and improvement of the ecosystem, the related costs of the circulation of the head exchange, the construction of related partners, the internal insurance fund of the system, etc.. Unlock when needed, before unlocking Will be announced to the community simultaneously.
YFX.COM is committed to create an ecosystem to achieve a win-win situation for everyone. In general, this is a major adjustment of its own token supply and demand structure in order to conform to the trend of market development. At the same time, we have also achieved major innovations in business and technology, and will be more active in introducing more high-quality resources to serve users around the world. Under the continuous development of the market, we believe that the platform will bring huge surprises to users and investors!

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