The most detailed Tutorial of OKEx Wallet usage on YFX terminal

The most detailed Tutorial of OKEx Wallet usage on YFX terminal

1. Download the OKEx Wallet plugin 

2.After the download is complete, the OKEx Wallet icon is automatically generated in the URL input box, and then click to open and register/log in the wallet.
3.Logging in/registering an account, you can enter the official website of YFX.COM in the browser:

4. Entering the official website and selecting OK Trade, and You can enter the OKExChain for trading. 

5. Entering the transaction page, you can select multiple languages in the upper right corner. After connecting to OKEx Wallet, the current wallet address will be displayed in the upper right corner.
6.Click on the contract type at the top left to switch to the forward contract of BTC_USDT (USDT- settled) trading pair, and then click on the right to deposit.   
7.Enter the amount to be deposited in the pop-up confirmation box. When depositing, please ensure that there is a certain amount of OKT in the wallet balance, otherwise it will fail due to insufficient handling fees.
8.After confirming the deposit, an authorization confirmation box will pop up automatically, just select to confirm.   

9.After the deposit is successful, you can start your  contract journey of YFX.COM by selecting leverage, principal, long/short.  

About OKEx Wallet:
A safe and easy-to-use multi-chain wallet that supports various networks such as OKExChain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC and HECO.
You can use the OKEx on-chain wallet on multiple networks such as OKExChain, Ethereum, Polygon, Fantom, BSC or HECO to view assets, make transfers, receive payments, connect and authorize DApps, as well as add or switch networks. As the infrastructure of the DeFi ecosystem, OKEx on-chain wallets adhere to the goal of decentralization, with users in charge of private keys and assets. This extension allows the DApp to perform identity verification and transaction signing without accessing the private key, which is stored locally. In the future, the OKEx on-chain wallet will support fast transfers between exchanges and extension wallets to better integrate into the OKEx on-chain ecosystem.

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