Tutorial about YFX COM on OKExChain mainnet

Tutorial about YFX COM on OKExChain mainnet


1. [Open YFX.COM official website and connect to Metamask wallet]
YFX.COM URL: www.yfx.com
OKExChain transaction page URL:  https://ok.yfx.com/

1). If there is no wallet plug-in, please download Metamask wallet in Google browser first
Download link:  https://metamask.io/
2). Login-create wallet, click on the Ethereum mainnet at the top, and select the custom RPC below.
3). Fill in the corresponding data as shown, and click save after filling in.

Network name: OKExChain main network
Chain number: 66
Token symbol: OKT
Block explorer URL:  https://www.oklink.com/okexchain/

After configuration, you can deposit and withdraw tokens for trading.

2. [How to deposit coins on YFX.COM OKExChain mainnet]
1). Enter YFX official website www.yfx.com and click OK trading page, or  https://ok.yfx.com/

Click on the contract type at the top left, after linking the wallet, switch to the BTC_USDT (USDT settled) trading pair USDT contract, and click on the right to deposit.

2). Enter the amount to be recharged in the pop-up confirmation box. When recharging, please make sure that there is a certain amount of OKT in the wallet, otherwise the recharge will fail due to insufficient trading fees.

3). After confirming the deposit, select confirm on confirmation box.

4). After the recharge is successful, you can choose leverage, principal, long/short, and start your YFX.COM OKExChain contract journey.

3. [Add liquidity]
In addition to trading, you can also choose to "add liquidity" to provide market-making liquidity for the entire trading platform.
Click "Add Liquidity" in the upper right corner.
After adding liquidity successfully, your position share will be shown in "My Position".
Your position share = total invested funds / current net value
4. [Remove liquidity]
Click the "Redemption" button in the pool to redeem the corresponding amount of funds.

Mobile terminal tutorial: Take BitKeep as an example

1. Open the BitKeep
BitKeep download link:   https://bitkeep.org/
2. Enter the wallet and click on the upper left corner to switch the OKchain.
3. After selecting the public chain, go back to the home page of the wallet, click "Discover" at the bottom, and select the search box at the top.
4. Enter YFX or YFX official website or trading page URL in the search box
Official website:  https://www.yfx.com/
OKExChain transaction page URL:  https://ok.yfx.com/
A prompt box pops up, click to confirm.  
5. Enter YFX official website and select "OK" to enter the trading page.  

6. Enter the trading page, choose to deposit tokens and transfer directly, and start your own YFX contract journey.

YFX official contact information:
Telegram:  https://t.me/YFX_EN
Media Contact: media@yfx.com

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