YFX COM Bi-Weekly Update June 1st–June 15th

YFX COM Bi-Weekly Update June 1st–June 15th


1. YFX.COM has entered TRON DeFi ecosystem, joined TRON Genesis Mining and started YFX-TRX LP mining at SUN.io from 31st May to 7th June, with APY over 190%, ranking first.

2. YFX has officially launched on OKExChain mainnet at 10:00(UTC) on June 15th, 2021. YFX is the first DeFi derivative product DEX in OKExChain that supports 100x leverage transactions. 

3.  YFX COM perpetual contract V1 0 is open sourced, and has launched Bug Bounty program.

4. YFX.COM's trading volume in the first half of June increased by 116.7%, and the trading volume in the past 24 hours exceeded $31 million.


  1. YFX.COM June 1st — June 15th transaction data is as follows, the transaction volume has exceeded $330 million ,which has decreased 30% compared to May 15th to May 31st. The 24-hour transaction volume exceeded $31 million, and the number of transaction addresses is 4,023, which increased 120% compared to May 15th to May 31st, and trading amount is more than 10,200+. 

  1. The top three trading pairs of YFX.COM trading volume are BTC/USDT (USDT settlement) Heco; BTC/USDT (USDT settlement) ; BTC/USDT (YFX settlement) , accounting for 66% of the platform's total trading volume.

3. YFX Token distribution

Project Progress

  1. YFX.COM perpetual contract V1.0 code is fully open soursed on Github. The Bug Bounty program is on from 12:00(UTC) on June 8th to 12:00(UTC) on August 8th. The YFX.COM Bug Bounty program aims to encourage community to participation and help us discover vulnerabilities and will actively reward discoverers with up to $50,000 for confirmed vulnerabilities.

Detail: YFX COM Perpetual Contract V1 0 is Open Sourced, Bug Bounty Coming. 


  1. YFX Partnerships / Marketing 
  1. YFX.COM has officially launched on the OKExChain mainnet at 10:00(UTC) on June 15th, 2021. YFX.COM is the first DeFi derivative DEX on OKExChain that supports 100x leverage. 

● YFX.COM launched CoinMarketCap(CMC) and  Coingecko.

YFX.COM on CMC: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/your-future-exchange/

YFX.COM on Coingecko: https://www.coingecko.com/en/%E6%95%B0%E5%AD%97%E8%B4%A7%E5%B8%81/your-futures-exchange#markets

  1. YFX.COM officially joined TRON DeFi ecosystem and was selected into the TRON Genesis Mining List. It started YFX-TRX LP mining on SUN.io from on 31st May to 7th June. Participate in TRON Genesis Mining you can receive seven token rewards including TRX, SUN, BTT, JST, WIN, YFX, and NFT.

  1. From June 1st to June 15th, YFX.COM did a lot of on-line AMAs in the global community including CryptoTitans0、DVAnewsofficial、Decentralized Club and so on.



  1. YFX token now can be traded on Sushiswap, Mdex, MXC, BitZ, COINBENE, Gate, BiKi, BigONE and Hoo.

3. Platform events:


● YFX.COM has started YFX-TRX LP mining at SUN.io.

period: 31/05/21 13:00(UTC)-07/06/21 12:59(UTC)

Detail: https://twitter.com/YFX_Defi/status/1399308593808039940

● YFX Trading Competition and YFX LP MiningEvent 

period: 17/05/21 - 31/05/21

Details: https://help.yfx.com/portal/en/kb/articles/yfx-trading-competition-and-yfx-lp-mining-may-17th-12-00utc

● LP(MDEX) and Single Token Event 

period: 17/05/21 - 31/05/21

Details: https://help.yfx.com/portal/en/kb/articles/yfx-will-launch-lp-mdex-and-single-token-may-17th-12-00utc


  1. YFX.COM Double Chain(Heco&Tron) Perpetual Swaps Trading Competition+ LP Mining

period: 03/06/21 12:00(UTC)-24/06/21 12:00(UTC)


  1. YFX.COM Perpetual Contract V1.0 is Open SourcedBug Bounty Coming

period: 08/06/21 12:00(UTC)-08/08/21 12:00(UTC)


4. YFX Community:

The number of YFX.COM official Twitter is 22,343;

The number of YFX.COM telegram community is 26,363;

The total number of YFX.COM Chinese community has exceeded 30,000+;

At present, YFX.COM has formed a community scale of nearly 100,000+ users.

Our Telegram and Twitter numbers are soaring! Join here: https://t.me/YFX_EN

Development progress:

1. DeFi cross-chain perpetual contract trading platform YFX.COM officially launched on OKExChain mainnet.

2. The code of YFX.COM has open sourced.

3. Added the links of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

4. New product function prototype planning and output of the underlying code.

About YFX

YFX.COM is a cross-chain decentralized perpetual contract platform based on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, Huobi Ecological Chain, TRON, OKEx public chain, and Polkadot. YFX provides up to 100 times the perpetual contract trading BTC, ETH and other assets. Different from the common automatic market maker model (AMM), YFX.COM adopts the QIC-AMM market maker pool trading method to provide users with high liquidity and low trading slippage. YFX.COM has successfully supported layer2’s perpetual contract trading function. YFX.COM’s goal is to build a DEX that can compete with CEXs on the derivatives trading track.

YFX official contact information:

Website: https://www.yfx.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/YFX_Defi

Medium: https://yfxdefi.medium.com/

Telegram: https://t.me/YFX_EN

Discord: https://discord.gg/xwAtjpabC5

Media Contact: media@yfx.com

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