YFX Token contract address on each public blockchain

YFX Token contract address on each public blockchain

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      YFX Token Genesis Mining Token Distribution Community (60%): Genesis Mining, Airdrop, other marketing activity and community rewards. These tokens will distribute to community in three years. 50% for the first year, 25% for the second and third year. ...
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      At present, since there is no mature cross-chain bridge on the market which can solve multiple public chains like ETH, BSC, Heco and TRON, YFX.COM adopts the USDT cross-chain solution to solve YFX Token swapping, that is, YFX.COM receives a ...
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      Dear users,   After a long development, YFX V2 public beta will be officially opened to users. YFX V2 has been updated with the following details: 1. Liquidity aggregation for market maker funds, using Uniswap V3's aggregated liquidity algorithm to ...
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      YFX Token contract address on each blockchain:  ETH    0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f BSC    0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f Heco    0xf55a93b613d172b86c2ba3981a849dae2aecde2f TRON    TAP7qf8Ao26ZAKYS5E6SGozUNoSLvBHsGa Total ...
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      Dear community: We are excited to announce that YFX.COM perpetual contract V1.0 code is fully open sourced on Github. The source code of YFX.COM has been released to the public in the early stage of our launch (open source method: verified in the ...