YFX V2 Public Test Tutorial

YFX V2 Public Test Tutorial

Dear users,
After a long development, YFX V2 public beta will be officially opened to users. YFX V2 has been updated with the following details:

1. Liquidity aggregation for market maker funds, using Uniswap V3's aggregated liquidity algorithm to calculate taker’s trading slippage, which in turn generates virtual order books based on the depth of each price tick. 
2. To reduce the risk of holding positions in the liquidity pool, YFX V2 introduced a funding fee function to regulate the long-short balance of the market.  
3. YFX V2 optimized the position model with a single position model, improved user capital utilization and reduced position risk.  
4. To meet the user's trading needs, YFX V2 implements the limit order function in the form of conditional commission and conditional orders.  
5. Add take profit and stop loss function  
6. Perform UI 2.0 upgrade and add the asset page.  

We have provided some airdrop rewards for the public beta users. Users who participate in the test and propose bugs and problems will get airdrop when V2 is officially launched. 

Here is a tutorial for the V2 public beta. 

1、Connect Metamask with Heco mainnet. 
For the V2 public beta, we chose to test on Heco mainnet. Since perpetual contract fees are very high, we chose the public chain with cheaper fees to test. Among all the chains, Heco is one of the most stable public chains we have run so far.  

Heco official website: https://www.hecochain.com/en-us/ 
Connect Metamask with Heco mainnet: https://metamask.io/ 
chainid: 128 

2、How to get Heco mainnet coins HT 
You can buy HT at the websites below and withdraw it to the Heco chain for trading.
If you can't get HT on Heco mainnet, you can email us at contact@yfx.com with your address and we can send you a little HT from the Heco mainnet for testing. 

3、Claim test coins 
At the top of the page, you can claim yUSDT, yETH, and yYFX, which can be used to test YFX V2.

4、Deposit coins 
After claiming, you can deposit your coins through the “deposit” button on the page.

5、Add Liquidity  
After depositing, you can add liquidity for a trading pair.

After adding a pool successfully, you will hold a market making pool position. 

6、Open a position 
Enter your margin and click Buy/Long or Sell/Short. 

Here is your position.

7. Close a position 
Click here to close a position.

8、Place Conditional Orders 
In the V2 version, you can set a price to trigger the execution of a certain order. 

Here are your  conditional open orders.

9、Stop Loss and Take Profit 
In the YFX V2 , you can easily set a take profit and stop loss price for a position. When corresponding price is reached, the set price will be used as the trigger price to close the position at market price. 

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